Supporting pride should always be much more than putting a few rainbow flags up; it's about authentically connecting with the LGBTQIA+ community, providing them visibility and a platform for them to stand up and be proud.

For the 2022 Pride weekend, we helped adidas Carnaby Street authentically connect with LGBTQIA+ Gen Z consumers by spotlighting local voices and showcasing adidas' brand ethos on inclusion and unity.

Bringing visibility to the many voices of the LBGTQIA+ community, we collaborated with textile artist Tyreis Holder. They added their unique spin to the new Pride collection, styling the apparel with colourful bespoke artworks in-store.

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Kris Small's Pride collection was also promoted in-store with a sell-through of a limited edition T-shirt from artist Ashton Attzs. A number of in-store activities focused on letting people release their self-expression; the highlight was a Proud to Pose photobooth that encouraged visitors to celebrate 'selfie-expression' in-store throughout June.

The in-store learning activities connected with the Gen Z community, as TikTok stars Kaysha & Chloe hosted a dance workshop and long-time Originals collaborator Ashton Attz hosted a portrait workshop. Both workshops focused on being proud to celebrate the visitor's freedom of movement and expression.

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