The Smiley® brand is instantly recognisable, always playful, creative and proud to spread creativity with every drop. To mark the 50th anniversary of the brand, Reebok and Smiley® joined forces for a capsule collection that celebrated the joy and positivity of people coming together following months of pandemic restrictions.

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Multiple drops focused on the identities of introverts or extroverts, delivered with a digital-first execution. We launched three individual drops across social media and the Reebok ecom website. Multiple pop-up stores then appeared in various locations for fans of the collections to grab the limited edition silhouettes.

The introvert drop launched inspired by early 90's acid house raves, spreading messages of positivity and joy launched alongside chilled, relaxed and youthful talent. It featured a rave poster-inspired treatment, a fly poster campaign and a Reebok x Smiley® hotline number for people to text and receive messages of positivity alongside finding out the pop-up store locations.

The first extrovert drop then expanded the theme by showcasing liberation and positivity through the iconic Reebok x Smiley® collaboration - while upping the energy levels once more. Groups of friends came together, empowered by the smile, and headed out to a rave. Positive, youthful and vibrant energy was animated to capture the lively coming together of our extroverts in the city's heart on their way to the rave.

We brought together groups of friends, empowered by the smile, heading out to the rave.

A second extrovert drop was also launched to celebrate 50 years of Smiley® - once again upping the energy level one more time with bright colours that matched the silhouette. Assisted by street artists Mr Andre and Sarah Andelman, Reebok created the Instapump Fury 50th with a Smiley®-inspired treatment.

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