Mental health affects every aspect of our lives. There's a high demand for those who provide mental health services, from medical practitioners to human resources departments. SilverCloud is a digital mental health platform that provides 24/7 access to clinically-backed tools and resources, reducing the pressure on organisations. Understanding the need to give their very clinical feeling brand a full refresh, we put together a human-centric approach to break down barriers and make the brand more approachable and tactile at every touchpoint.

To do this, we delved deep into what makes up the SilverCloud product offering and identity. This involved an extensive research stage where workshops and interviews were conducted, speaking to key stakeholders, employees, management and potential platform users. These were divided into four different audience segments: Public Healthcare, Private Healthcare, Employers and Higher Education, encompassing the business-to-business and business-to-consumer aspects of each.

We evaluated the market space SilverCloud exists in with an audit to find an ownable territory for the brand. Using the insights from the workshops and audits, we then created audience personas for each area they operate in, setting out a comprehensive blueprint for our approach to their creative communications, with reasons behind every creative decision.

This thoroughly researched strategy laid the foundations for the core brand values and creative development. The findings and customer personas were used to create a tone of voice that streamlined SilverCloud's benefits across all four audiences. Branching out from our singular brand promise of 'breaking down barriers, empowering lives', we developed messaging for Europe and the U.S. that had to be delicately delivered to comply with medical and legal guidelines relevant to each region. The final product was an encyclopaedic tone of voice document that equipped brand writers to create messaging cemented from the essence of SilverCloud.

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After defining a personality and voice, it was time to create a visual identity. The visual language needed to be approachable and warm while maintaining a clean, simple, confident aesthetic. We used colour theory to create the appropriate palette and adopted an assured typeface and simplistic logo design. Photography opted against models and showed the real people behind SilverCloud, a diverse group from different backgrounds and ages.

We also enlisted illustrator Daniella Ferretti to create a set of illustrations to represent the programs inside the platform, combined with photography, graphical elements, and messaging rolled out across all brand collateral, such as the website, white papers, ebooks, and digital ads.

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