adidas regularly has multiple campaigns running simultaneously. In 2022, it was the adidas Run For the Oceans sustainability running campaign and the Make Space mindfulness Yoga campaign that launched at the same time. As a result, we had to fit their London flagship store with a seamless customer journey that would engage visitors within the narrative of both campaigns, from running and sustainability to mindfulness and recovery.

On entry, visitors were welcomed by a trio of impactful waveforms that engulfed them in the immersive storytelling of the Run for the Oceans campaign. The activations included four separate engaging zones.

A digital Plastic Clean Up touch screen activation engaged visitors in a timed challenge to clean up as many plastic bottles from the ocean as possible. Another touchscreen activation saw the Not A Runner quiz engage visitors in a guessing game for the distance run by adidas athletes for the opportunity to win a signed David Beckham jersey. On an illuminated display, another educated visitors on the local running routes beside water.

Towards the rear of the space, a Magic Mirror activation saw a digital version of yoga instructor Katie Oriel engaging with those in-store through camera recognition software to present post-run yoga stretches before prompting visitors to head to the Make Space activation zone.

The two spaces were then connected using water as a key component. The transition zone was wrapped in campaign graphics and ceiling canvas fabrics that pushed the visitor toward the next activation zone.

The Make Space campaign saw a zen den takeover that invited visitors to 'make space' for yoga in their daily routine. The area was dressed in warm colours linked to the four elements and sustainable fixtures that split up a try-on zone for finding the perfect yoga fit and a zoned-off meditation space featuring a soundtrack inspired by nature from sound artist Damsel Elysium.

Following the experience, visitors received a downloadable mobile wallpaper image created by illustrator Alex Tait. Visitors were also invited to attend local yoga events in collaboration with local yoga instructors.

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