Brands must show a real commitment to sustainability and the environment to stay relevant to their consumers. Fabric technology innovator CORDURA® wanted to expand their commitments to stand out in an industry notorious for wasteful practices.

We helped CORDURA® create a sustainability sub-brand to do just that. RE/COR™ created a platform where all sustainable innovations could live and be sold. After extensive research and workshops, we crafted four pillars and positioned a territory the brand could authentically hold. Each pillar was carefully thought out to cut through an industry full of greenwashing and empty statements with honest, sustainable commitments.

After an extensive naming process, RE/COR™ became the label for all CORDURA® sustainable products and initiatives. From here, we created an identity for RE/COR™ set apart from the master brand.

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This allowed CORDURA® to communicate their sustainability credentials to their customers, as the platform was put into action with exhibition stands at the OR Show and the A+A Trade Show. Alongside Summiteer, we also created a brand film for RE/COR™ to visualise its sustainable offering for its audience.

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