Reebok has a long relationship with the Jurassic Park film series, so in line with the launch of the Jurassic World movie, the brand launched a collaboration of silhouettes that authentically connected with the Colin Trevorrow release.

To shoot each silhouette in an environment that felt natural to the design, we created a lab environment complete with cages, computers, diagrams and lab drawings that helped shine a light on the limited-edition shoes.

We created a lab environment with cages, computers, diagrams and lab drawings.

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Each shot was set to capture a visual narrative that consumers could relate to from the Jurassic World movie, from the clean white lab settings for the white Club C Revenge to rocky desert Jurassic test terrains for the Beatnik slide.

The series launched with a hero film and stills across social media and Reebok's sell-in website.

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